Spa and Salon Logos – Everything That Glitters, Attracts!

The business of Salons and Spas is all about beauty, style and fashion. That is why these businesses are considered as an attraction in any community, town or city. Since salons and spas attract a lot of business, there is intense competition in this particular industry. Everyday there are new salons opening and every one of them wants to increase their customer base by attracting more people so they can generate a good amount of revenue from their business. Statistically, the best way to stand out and beat your competition is by having a powerful and unique brand identity that identifies and introduces your business to new people in an effective manner. And the best way to establish your brand as a force to be reckoned with is by having a unique and creative logo specifically designed according to the mechanics and dynamics of your salon or spa. A salon or spa logo has to be neat, classy, elegant and exclusive at the same time because the beauty and spa business is all about personal grooming hair care, skin care, beauty as well as image and that is why an effective salon and spa logo is required to reflect the expertise and professionalism of a salon or spa.A well designed and cleverly crafted logo forms the base of most branding strategies and a logo is among the key factors that are responsible for generating buzz about your business and convincing the customer that your brand, business, service or product is the best suited to his/her needs. The salon business is all about standing out from the crowd and people pay good amount of money to look good and beautiful. That is why a salon and spa logo has to appeal to people on levels, superficial and deep. A great logo will go a long way in giving your salon or beauty business a unique image that will take your salon business towards profitability and success.Thanks to modern discoveries and innovations achieved through research and technology, the trends in the salon and spa business are rapidly shifting towards the use of natural and eco friendly products that are based on or are created by using natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. Because of this change in business, product and services in salons and spas, the colors used in salon and spa logos too are now required to be more on the natural palette side and not be too bright and/or flashy. Feminine colors too are an obvious choice for a salon or spa as they are popular with the customers. Earthy colors such as light brown and light blues are common too since they represent earthly and organic products. The fonts used in salon and spa logos generally tend to be classic with characters flowing together. These fonts help in creating a typography style that is attractive, supple and delicate.As for the image typically employed in salon and spa logos, the logo designers usually opt for an outline or silhouette of a female body or face. The outline can be abstract or with minor detailing. Other popular images commonly used in salon and spa logo design are, hair, face, hands and eyes. But before you hand over the important responsibility of designing a logo to any logo design agency, make sure that you check their logo portfolio first as most logo design agencies have a specific section of health and beauty logos included in their portfolio.

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