Business Success Comes From Focusing on What’s Critical

I might offend you with this article, but I’m going to go ahead anyway.One of the biggest mistakes you can make in starting, building, and growing your business is to act like a non-profit.What I mean by this is focusing on all the busywork of running a business, without focusing on cash flow.Most entrepreneurs take way too long to generate cash flow, and they spend too much time on unimportant things. They spend a lot of time worrying about minor details like the exact angle and cut on the corner of their business card. They worry about whether the blue on their website is just a bit too blue.They practice their elevator speeches sitting at home, and keep polishing and perfecting them without any input or feedback.(Which, in essence, is just like talking to yourself, with about the same results.)Similarly, when given a new strategy or approach, they spend a lot of time thinking through it, planning it, and wondering how they feel about it- but do not execute it.If you ask them, they’ll say, “I am not really sure how to market my business.”But, the truth is that they know what they need to do- they just aren’t doing it.They are waiting for the stars to align and for everything to “feel right” before they make a move.The reality is that if you wait for everything to “feel right”, you’ve already lost your window of opportunity.Success comes most boldly to the person who enters a market first, or, if they aren’t first, to the person who enters it with the most confidence and commitment. The winner in this situation is someone who has decided to play big, step out, be bold, and to keep building more and more momentum.It is not the person who worries about the details that don’t really matter.At the end of the day, it won’t matter if you have a 1/8th cut on your business card or a 1/4th cut. It won’t matter if your website should have been royal blue instead of aqua blue.But we feel like these minor decisions are so crucial, and we lose time and focus worrying about details when we need to be focused on the big picture.As we move further into this year, I will suggest, once again, that if you aren’t seeing the results in your business you truly want, it’s time to do something different.If you’ve been acting like you’re in business, instead of actually being in business- and I’ll tell you the difference in just a minute- it’s time to either step up, or go home.The only measure of being in business is by how much you are actively marketing yourself and actively selling your products and services. Active marketing means that you make a video and you get it out there. It’s writing an article- AND distributing it. It’s meeting people face to face -AND following up regularly.Too many experts sit home and create content all day long. But the greatest content in the world can’t help your business if you aren’t getting your message out there.So if you’ve been puzzling over minor things and mistaking them for a big deal, it’s time to stop that right now.Get into the game. Play to win.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Alternative Medicine or Ancient Wisdom?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (also called TCM) is the term given to a wide variety of treatments from various locations across Asia. While considered an alternative therapy in Western countries, it’s a long-standing and widely accepted medical practice in many Asian countries. But what exactly is TCM?The Simplest DefinitionTraditional Chinese Medicine is all about balance. It’s also a holistic approach, treating the mind, body and spirit as intertwined. Any one part of a complete organism that gets out of balance – in both the physical and meta-physical sense – and illness will occur.It gets it’s roots in the yinyang theory (which has been absorbed by Taoism). Yinyang theory is again all about balance. It states that all phenomena in the universe can be divided into two opposite yet complementary parts. Some familiar examples might be female/male, cold/hot, moon/sun, light/dark and so forth. In the strictest sense, neither is good or bad, but instead both are parts of the whole. Traditional Chinese Medicine is meant to maintain balance and maintain health in the process.Qi and MeridiansQi (pronounced and often written as chi) refers to the vital force of the body. It’s often mis-understood to mean “spirit” or “soul” when it fact, it’s more like an energetic blood that flows through the body. It flows through the body along the meridian lines, as well as through other channels.The details of qi alone can be a lifetime study, and it’s far beyond the scope of this article. All you really need to know is this: qii s an energy that flows through the body and it’s very important to Chinese medicine.So What Kinds of Treatments Can I Expect from Chinese Medicine?As a holistic therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a surprising array of treatments. Here are just a few:Herbal medicine- This includes the use of herbs, roots, mushrooms and other natural products for their medicinal value. Some exotic animal parts and minerals may also be used, some of which are very controversial. There are herbal medicines to treat virtually illness and condition known to medical science, and even some that aren’t.Acupuncture- This is the practice of inserting needles – very thin ones – into certain points along the body. Traditional acupuncture follows the meridian lines mentioned earlier, but modern practitioners are adding their own spin to their methods. Acupuncture is commonly used for chronic pain, psychological disorders, or other nervous-system disorders. It’s more devout supporters will recommend it for just about anything else, too.Cupping- Cupping is an unusual form of massage/detoxification. This requires special glass cups which have the air inside heated by a flame or smoke. While still warm inside, they are placed on the back where they then suck up the skin into the cup. Some of the more modern clinic also use cups with pumps installed. Meant to cleanse the body of toxins, it’s not recommended if you plan to go to the beach: it leaves great big red circles all down your back!Gua sha- Another unusual treatment, gua sha is the process of rubbing the skin with smooth bits of jade, stone, bone or tusk. It’s not a gentle treatment, often resulting in painful bruising or red marks on the skin. It’s believed therapeutic use is quite broad, however, as it is be used for everything from hot weather to cholera. Not a treatment for those with a low pain threshold!Physical and Breathing exercises – Traditional Chinese Medicine also encourages its practitioners/patients to engage in healthy exercise. For the flow and balance of qi, however, only the right exercises will do. Taichi, qigong, yoga, meditation and martial arts are all considered excellent exercises within Traditional Chinese Medicine, as is meditation and various breathing exercises.Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Safe?Traditional Chinese Medicine is… medicine. That means that if used correctly, it can have great therapeutic value. But like any medicine used incorrectly, it can be dangerous. Always consult health care professionals before starting any new treatment.Traditional Chinese Medicine has the additional hazard of being less regulated. Scams and con artists abound, so it’s as important to check credentials as carefully as any other healthcare professional you see. Also, this lack of regulation means that many Chinese medical practices are largely untested by the scientific community. This means that the therapies can range from beneficial, to useless, or even to harmful. Again, care and common sense should be your guide.Is Traditional Chinese Medicine for Me?Put simply: maybe. Between drug recalls, doctor errors, and skyrocketing medical costs, many people are turning to alternative therapies. They can benefit a patient in many ways. For some people, however, it may not be the best choice. For those with serious conditions such as cancer or acute conditions like appendicitis, Western medicine still has a better track record. However, it doesn’t mean these treatments can’t be supplemented with Traditional Chinese Medicine for even greater effect. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your healthcare plan.

Turning Away From Chemical Products

If you look at your dressing table, you will realize that you seem to have made a habit of buying and using multiple beauty as well as health related products daily. From facial creams, lotions to gels, deodorants and various other sprays, gels and solutions, we tend to clog our pores with chemicals. Thee community of people who are turning away from these chemical products that can harm your skin and health over a longer period of usage is slowing growing in numbers. They are going back to the age-old traditional natural products and organic stuff.Try using home made natural solutions to treat yourself for common problems like dandruff which does not required any high end product or traditional solution. Your home made solution can work as efficiently or better than the ready made products in the market to remove dandruff, heal the scalp as well as prevent future occurrence of dandruff infection.Making your own home remedies for dandruff removal is easy. All you need is a bit of vinegar. Similarly using the spices, oils and herbs from your garden, you can make your own products at home with the help of natural remedies books and guides. To make your own anti dandruff treatment solution, you will need either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar.Here is what you can do with no preparations and no effort but effective to remove dandruff from your scalp. Take half measure vinegar and half measure water and mix the two to make a solution. Pour the solution on your head and rinse your hair leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing off with water. Your hair and scalp will shine clean. You can do this same thing once every two weeks regularly.Check out the web or your guidebook for many more options that you can experiment with home and replace this if you do not like the smell of vinegar on your hair. You will get lots of alternatives that can be made as easily as this preparation.